Maven Rides Again

The late nights, websites and rewrites are keeping my chiropractic interns busy this week. I just sent the submission package for Maven off tonight, this time with everything I hope my agent, Holly McClure of Sullivan Maxx needs to pitch me and Maven to her contacts.  BTW, Holly is looking for interns in the Atlanta area, if you are interested in learning the publishing industry from inside out.

It’s been a long trip, and while I might be able to see the top of the mountain, the goal I seek is on the other side of it. Still every revision makes the manuscript better, and now that I am gathering the pieces for the second volume, I’m seeing why I wrote things the way I did even years ago.  Maven is now her own person, as are Jones and some of the other characters who originally looked a lot like some of my friends.

When I got to talk to Peter Miller last summer about MAven, he wanted to know if I thought Angelina Jolie should play her. But I think Kathy Bates would be perfect, with Maggie Smith as Triona, and maybe Judi Dench as Belle–that would take some CGI as Dench is not a large woman, and it would certainly be different from the usual queenly types she plays. But it could be fun! An aging Harrison Ford might make a perfect Jones, and that would certainly please the person on whom Jones is based. As for other characaters, I like a lot of the characters in the Heroes TV show. Kristen Bell (Elle) would make a great Fern,  and  Zachary Quinto (Gabriel/Syler) would be perfect for a later character, an alter ego of Jones. But then, I forget that you guys don’t know these people like I do.

But soon, I hope, very soon you will!

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2 Responses to Maven Rides Again

  1. Robert McKay says:

    Hey there! I found your blog through Twitter. Kind of a backwards way to go, but it worked! I’m a fantasy writer myself and I love who you think should play your characters. Kathy Bates is awesome, but then again so is AJ. I always think of Kathy Bates as her character from Fried Green Tomatoes. I’m going to follow you on Twitter 🙂

  2. Hi Robert. Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes is one role, but there is also the About Schmidt role and and Dolores Claiborne. The woman is fabulous.

    I’ll see what kind of tweets you’re making today.