Mac Arnold and Jonas Sees in Color

I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to change my vibration. I went to the Mac Arnold tour to hear some blues–and some righteous blues I heard. But somewhere along the way, a self-styled “green” band called Jonas Sees in Color came out to play.  They are young and apparently hot with a freshman video soon to be on MTV–I didn’t know MTV still did videos, but hey, I’m off the grid.  They were loud–but it was probably the sound mix in the hangar where I was sitting rather than the band, despite the intense roar of white noise that they seemed to produce.  The band did a straight-forward “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” cover, very high energy but at least recognizable, sort of a sop to us old folks, but the rest was incomprehensible.

There’s a truism here: we tend to like what we know.  Anything unfamiliar is less appealing than something recognizable.

Maybe if I had gone out on the tarmac, I could have sorted out the keyboard, vocals and three guitars to appreciate their original music.  Now I know, if it’s too loud, you’re too old…I get it. I’m old.  Even Mac Arnold’s band  sounded better out in the parking lot, later on  as I was headed to my car, than he did in the hangar. Acoustics is part of the delivery, and the sounds weren’t working for me.

But I decided to enjoy the performance. The singer was very much the front man, dancing, sweating, jumping around like he was hooked up to 220 volts. The kids (high schoolers, maybe?) at the stage seemed to be having a great time, some of them dancing, but mostly leaning on the stage to get as close as possible. I had to wonder if the Beatles sounded like this to my grandparents some forty years ago today.  The band was obviously professional in their onstage communication with each other, and they appeared to be having a blast.

Even though the band wasn’t to my taste, nor was the country band the Piedmont Boys,   I could pay attention to what they were doing, rather than complaining or being upset. That is how to change vibration. Make up your mind to do something different, to change your experience, and your world changes. I found some things to enjoy even though it wasn’t the music.

The theme of the tour is “I can do anything.” Yes, I can  if I change my vibration.

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