Listen, listen, lend an ear


Turtles listen very well

While much is said of writing affirmations, repeating them aloud, visualizing what you want, and while these are all good activities, allow yourself time to listen.

Let the information from the Higher Self/God(dess)/Source/the Universe come into you. Even if you have made other plans, you can change them with the whisper of the still small voice.

Yesterday, I wish I had listened when the slight nudge that I call Bump of Direction said to me, “Don’t leave the moon roof open.” If I had listened then, my Kia would not have been soaked by the tremendous hail storm just before quitting time. I would not have gotten to my evening class with damp drawers, and I would not be wondering this morning when the weather will clear up enough for the car to dry out. Not listening.

Meditation is nothing but listening. But you don’t need to sit zazen for hours to meditate. Many people do it in the shower if they don’t fill their minds and ears with music or affirmations or mental chatter. That’s when their best ideas come, in the silence of the mind. I used to have a 45 minute commute, which was my best thinking time. When I moved closer to my job, I didn’t have time to quiet my mind before I got to work, and my creativity suffered. I’ve had to find other ways to find silence, which is why I don’t usually have music going when I write.

Listening can also be a gift you give others, a welcome gift of love and understanding. Listening means not giving advice, which is much more rewarding to give than it is to receive or take. Listening means giving another person space to be, space to have the self honored, to hear without trying help, so that the other person has a sounding board.

Listening can give the other person a space to figure out his or her own issues, to find the knowledge that is already there, to know what is desired, what to do next. This kind of listening might ask questions, but it does not give answers. It is a rare person who can listen. It is hard for me to do, but I am learning.

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2 Responses to Listen, listen, lend an ear

  1. Lloralye says:

    Sometimes I’ve noticed a friend snap unreasonably at something stupid and I’ll gently ask them what’s wrong. It always ends up being a long completely unrelated story that they needed off their chest. Listening is an amazing tool people often forget to use!

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

    • Yes, and it’s so hard to just listen and not try to fix the other person’s problem. I’m continually working to stay attentive and not take over the conversation by offering help. I have to remember that the other person is perfectly capable and can manage, but just needs some space to think aloud.