Lessons from Offline

offline - blank computer screen

No Internet! Offline! YIKES!

Offline. I didn’t realize how much of my life I live online, as much as I joke about logging into Reality once a day or so, until yesterday when (horror of horrors!!!)  my internet went down…not my router, but ATT’s connection to the internet.

I could not check into my online class. I ended up going to the local Barnes & Nobel (funny how their ATT wifi was working). but even then I could not grade papers.

I could not watch Netflix. I could not play CandyCrush, even on my phone. YIKES.

I could not figure out what to do. I was lost in my own house.

Finally,  I did some cooking, worked on some crafts, made an audio file and edited another one. All very productive stuff. Even ran the dishwasher. Tried to do some writing, but there was no internet for backup.

I really need to get a life offline. I’ll be at ConCarolinas next weekend, June 3-5, so I will be more or less in real time then. See you in NC.

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