Just for Today

The most important words I learned from a 12-step program were “just for today.”

A person addicted to a thought pattern, a substance, or a behavior knows that the long-term haul has been tried and found wanting.  Many shattered promises litter the landscape with tears and shards of broken hearts, but anyone can do anything  just for today, even just for five minutes.

Just for today, do exercise.
Just for today, do breathe deeply and relax for a minute.
Just for today, do think of your blessings.
Just for today, do choose your food wisely.
Just for today, do appreciate life itself.
Just for today, do ignore the irritations of the job, the kids, the spouse, the other drivers.
Just for today, do love yourself and laugh at the absurdity of the circumstances.
Just for today, live life in conscious awareness.
Just for today, know that tomorrow ain’t promised.

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11 Responses to Just for Today

  1. Melissa Lee says:

    I love this affirmation. We only have this moment, in this day, why sweat the small stuff?

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. These are powerful words ‘Just for today’ that can get us through so much. Words to hang on to in many hard times

  3. Rhia Roberts says:

    Hi again, Charlotte
    I love this post and am going to start using it to encourage myself to exercise each day…just for today. It might work.
    Did I ask you if you have a Twitter account that I can follow you on?
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 800 on the A through Z list)

  4. Rhia Roberts says:

    I’ll do the email thing for now.

  5. Jinky says:

    I really like this! Simple and practical.

  6. Carrie says:

    I needed this ‘just for today’. I have tried out the ‘surprise me’ random blog button on the A-Z challenge and I’m so glad to have landed on yours.

    Happy A-Z!