J. Lenni Dorner: Why I Write Fantasy

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog tour

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog tour: J Lenni Dorner

J Lenni Dorner Diverse Books

J Lenni Dorner Diverse Books

J Lenni Dorner:
Why I write Fantasy

I write fantasy because I love creating new worlds and unusual species. The natural style of my writing flows toward a dark side, and I have a love of throwing in that which borders on possible just enough to make the mind itch. I love itchy minds! I was working on an urban fantasy for a while, but that’s in the edit stage now. (Sometimes a story must sit and brew before it can spread wings and fly off the page.)

So my focus has returned to high fantasy- a story with knights, castles, dragons, elves and such, though they push the boundaries of your expectations. I intend for it to become a series. The later books will also fall into the category of portal fantasy, as a few from our fictional-future world will appear on my fantasy world. One character will have a strong impact on the storyline. It’s all very exciting.

Wrong! An anthology

Wrong! An anthology by Creative Writing Institute

J Lenni Dorner began publishing under pseudonyms at age eight, and won several awards before turning eighteen. Education includes the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Excellence in Creative Writing semi finals and Penn State University’s Honors and Scholars program. While embracing the ancient tribal traditions, J Lenni Dorner discovered a story originated by The Grandfathers.

J is happily married and living in Pennsylvania (USA) on the original lands of the Lenni Lenape people. When not reading or writing, J enjoys video games (such as The Sims and Civilization), funny cat videos, finding new drawings of dragons on Pinterest, and watching movies. Look for a short story titled “EGOT and the Pond King” by J Lenni Dorner in the anthology Wrong!  from Southern Star Publications, December 2014.
See J’s website at http://jlennidornerblog.what-are-they.com/

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  2. cleemckenzie says:

    Glad someone can write fantasy. I can but a limited amount and all middle grade. Keep up the good writing!