In the Still Midwinter: a Christmas Anthology

In the Still Midwinter A Christmas anthology by Charlotte Henley Babb

In the Still Midwinter: A Christmas anthology by Charlotte Henley Babb

Five stories of Christmas redemption and revelation–families, strangers, coworkers, and even the dear departed.

  • Queenie’s Christmas– A doll helps a girl and her mom find the spirit of love and giving despite the cold, hard realities of life
  • Cocoa and the Cat– It’s dangerous to bring in a stray–when is it worth the risk?
  • The Brick– Christmas is about surprises, right? Not all surprises are appreciated.
  • Moon Dance– The magic comes just when a person needs it, just in a way that one does not expect
  • In the Still Midwinter– When the lights go out, will it be the worst party ever? Can there be peace on earth?

Being vulnerable helps people find the true spirit of the season despite the hype and expectations. Settle in with a cup of cocoa and enjoy.

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I wrote these stories based on family stories and other experiences around the holidays. It’s a hard time for many people emotionally, but stories can help with that, especially if they don’t hit the Norman Rockwell sweet spot or the overly sentimental Hallmark moment.

I have been able to reconcile with my family to some extent, partly by realizing my own hardened attitudes and by listening to more than the spoken words of messages from others. It takes effort sometimes to receive love when it comes in a form that is not what one prefers, but being open to receive allows communion with the other.

Reliving some of these moments and embellishing them to find a more universal experience than any one person’s perspective has brought me a sense of release.  Please do check them out and if you like them, leave a review. It would be such a blessing to me.

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