Imagine If Ideas Intensify

If ideas become items, then why not imagine  ideal interpretations?

Intensify your thoughts. Get an inkling of  the present moment. Illuminate your mind with the image of your surroundings, the buzzing of the fluorescent lights, the texture of your cube walls, the smell of your cube mates lunch, the chill breeze of the air conditioning and the warmth of your task chair where you have been sitting so long.

Tell yourself a fantasy of the future and feel the flame of the idea ignite.  Invite a concept to take shape in your mental workshop. Investigate the details, making each one specific and clear.  Then allow the idea to have some privacy to grow, to expand, and to find out its own identity.

Itemize your strengths. Interrogate your mental mentors. Interview inventors, innovators and illusionists.  Envision the invisible.

Imagine the impossible, fill it with your intellect, and then do it.


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4 Responses to Imagine If Ideas Intensify

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You must have had a wonderful time writing a post with so many inventive I words. Great job.

    • It was lots of fun. I’m really enjoying the A to Z challenge and I’m doing a lot more writing. I need to find another theme for my other blogs, since they are a bit neglected at this point. The main thing is to keep writing every day. Happy A to Z Challenge!

  2. two up says:

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this site post!