How to Help a Friend In Need – EFT

My best friend called me yesterday from her home in the land North of the Mason-Dixon. I don’t see her very often, but we stay in touch by phone and email forwards. But she didn’t call to chat. She was in tears, panic stricken, and almost unable to talk. She had fallen in the bathroom. She was afraid because it could have been much worse, and she was home alone while her husband was across the continent on a business trip. She has some health issues, and she was afraid that something like this would happen. When it did, she freaked. She was already upset more because her husband might find out that she fell than she was from falling. She said that she wasn’t hurt–no broken bones, no skint knees, no visible bruisng.

It was like talking to a scared four-year-old. But for once I had a solution, something we could do that would actually help. In the past,  I would just fuss at her, which would make her feel comfortable if not good. She is used to her family telling her that she is being “stupid.” She doesn’t need any more of that. I taught her how to tap. We used EFT to help her calm down.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  is a process of calming yourself and clearing energy blocks by tapping your fingers lightly on your face, your chest and your hands.  It does not take long to work, partly because it distracts you from the immediate issue by having to focus on saying a phrase aloud while you are tapping in sequence.  Tapping clears the energetic  “zzzzts” as EFT founder Gary Craig calls them. These “zzzzts” are places in our energetic bodies where energy is stuck, like a short circuit, where it can’t flow in a healthy way.  EFT is not a cure or a substitute for medical attention, but it is a complementary and non-invasive process to help any other therapy.  I use it for staying on my eating plan, breaking through writers block and staying awake on slow days at work.

I said the reminder phrases to my friend, and had her repeat them as we both tapped. After two rounds, she was breathing easier, and after four, she even laughed.  By then her adult self was back in charge, and we were able to talk. She called me back several hours later. She had called her husband to tell him, so that she wouldn’t dread it, and while he was concerned about her, he was certainly not angry with her as she thought he might be. She sounded like bright, strong woman who is my friend again. I asked her to tap some more when she went to bed, to help her relax and avoid some of the soreness she was expecting. I’ll check on her tomorrow to see how she is doing.

A good place to learn EFT is Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance website. She has a newsletter with  open archives and several videos and books for sale to help people learn EFT and to see how it works. Carol is a licensed psychologist in private practice, and she uses EFT with many of her clients because it often has very quick results. She offers scripts for working through many emotional sore spots  such as weight loss, anxiety, resistance, confusion, as well as attracting abundance.  I bought her weight loss software,  and it helps me stay on my food plan by letting me distract myself from my snack cravings.  She also has a book on her favorite subject, Attracting Abundance. It shows how to use EFT and other techniques such as the games explained by Jerry and Ester Hicks  in the Abraham books to help you look at the world in a joyful way. This is critical for having the kind of life that we all want, free of fear  and full of joy. 

I think I’ll send my friend a copy, and maybe she will be willing to tap with me. I would like to see her joyful and confident again.  After all, she is my best friend.

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