Happy New Manifesting

I’m working on my plan for the new year, not wishes, not resolutions, but what I PLAN to SEE this year.  I plan to see credit cards paid off. I plan to see my novel published. I plan to walk and dance pain free.

I’m still working on my findagoddess project, but yesterday I was able to spend five minutes on an update. That’s what I wanted, even though the delete process is not complete.

But I can see that some of my projects are going to be shelved for a while, so that the others can prosper and develop. That takes planning, which I am working on now.

If you need some help getting your plan together, visit Janet Conner’s Blog Writing Down Your Soul.

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2 Responses to Happy New Manifesting

  1. Janet Conner says:

    Charlotte: thank you so much for sharing my blog posts on how to create a magical new year with your readers. It is going to be a magical year (and decade) indeed! I’ll be writing more in the next few days about how to create and sustain the conditions to manifest anything. Because that’s what it is, just creating the conditions for that which we want to come to us.