Has Groundhogs Day Sparked Mass Consciousness?

Punxsutawney Phil has seen the light and dodged back in to his hole, providing mass consciousness with a “happy news” prediction.  With all those cameras, how could he NOT see his shadow?  Millions of people watched the news this morning like  a SuperBowl preview to see what the future brings–letting a frisky groundhog. Words with a “k” sound are inherently humorous, so Punxsutawney Phil has that going on for him, too. He’s cute, furry and needs less than 15 minutes of fame a year.  Did your mind get Phil-ed?

At our core is our own consciousness, our True Selves, the only escape and remedy for mass consciousness. Think of how many times today you heard the words “groundhogs day” and “Punxsutawney Phil” and “six more weeks of winter.”  Technically, there are always six more weeks of winter, because the ancient festival of Imbolc is on the first of February, the cross-quarter day between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, March 21, the official beginning of Spring, regardless of Punxsutawney Phil prediction.

Mass consciousness is easy to align with–makes you wonder if people will actually manifest six more weeks of winter due to a photo-op with the groundhog of the day. All the various media and the Internet have to pick up on the topic of the day, just as I am, to ride the wave of mass consciousness.  If enough people believe it, they will believe it happened, regardless of the facts. Does anyone ever go back and see if the groundhog was right?  No, he’s just a photo-op.

This Groundhog Day in South Carolina was 72 degrees–warmer than some April days even here.  I’ve heard a number of people commenting, almost if they feel guilty, that somehow we must pay for the very unseasonable weather we’re enjoying. Some people here have said in passing, “Well, we get our bad weather in March,” which is both true and yet a self-fulfilling time loop. If you expect it, and think it, and say it aloud, it will happen, and even if it doesn’t, you remember it that way.

You can have what you say.  What have you been saying to yourself?  What does Punxsutawney Phil–or Dr. Phil for that matter–say about that?  What does it matter?

Do you ever wonder why you repeat the same actions, day after day, like Bill Murray in his Groundhogs Day time loop?  Being able to respond in a different way was his lesson, and that is only because he gave up his cynical attitude towards life.  Mass consciousness keeps us in this kind of loop, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting results to be different.

We are creatures of habit, flowing along with mass consciousness, the thoughts of those broadcast around us, much like winter’s meltwater runs downhill in the spring. It’s appropos that the Bill Murray character was a broadcaster, that he added cynical negativity to the audience and the whole crew, leaving himself no friends and only himself to live with repeating every day in Punxsutawney until he could find the heart within himself– learning to save a child from a fall, picking up a new skill, and making the best outcome possible of the one day in his time loop. He changed his life so he could live with himself, and that got him the girl–and the escape from Groundhogs Day.

It’s not possible to change the media–it’s a gaping maw that swallows all the “content” the population of Earth can feed it, whether it’s global warming or groundhogs day or elections or wars or who’s doing whom,  just like a time loop.    Some people–ski resorts, for example–are praying for more snow and cold to bless their slopes. Others, like me, are enjoying the dent the sun makes in my heating bill.  How many people does it take to shift mass consciousness away from the groundhogs day report to focus on their own individual moment?

Each of us can learn to turn inside, as Bill Murray learned to do, to live with ourselves  and be present in the moment, doing here and now what we can to live our dream and make it come true.

I like to think of Punxsutawney Phil taking a look outside and saying to himself, “to heck with this crap. I’m going to hibernate for another month.” He’s dropping out of the time loop.   I’m going outside to smell the crocus blooming in my front yard, and I’m not thinking at all about the grass that is starting to grow again.

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