Got Satisfaction?

Remember the words, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction from that old Rolling Stones’ song?

No wonder the song has remained popular for decades.

We all find it hard to get any satisfaction out of life at one time or another.

What in the world is that all about?

Why is that we “can’t get no satisfaction” in our lives?

Well, here’s my opinion. We’re all born with a primary purpose for our lives, which we fulfill through various “missions” that we undertake throughout the years.

These missions are unique for each of us because we all have a unique set of talents and interests.

Our purpose is to find out how to use those talents and interests in such a way that each mission we undertake will give us great satisfaction and peace of mind as we help others.

That’s what Thomas Jefferson was really writing about in the Declaration of Independence when he referred to all Men (which includes Women) having a right to the pursuit of happiness.

Heck. It’s more than a Right; it is a demanding, driving force within each of us. We must be on the right path, we must be doing the right things, and thinking the right way, according to our purpose in life and our unique missions, or we feel dissatisfied.

What are your unique talents and interests? How can you develop specific missions in life that draw on those unique talents and interests?

Take some time to make a list of your unique talents and interests – the things that you are most passionate about in life – then look for ways to incorporate your passions into your everyday life and activities.

When you do, you won’t be singing, “Can’t get no satisfaction” any more.

Jerry W. Willis and Suzanne Lieurance are coauthors of a new book, The Life of Your Dreams – Building Your Life and Career Around the Things You Love Most, due for release in March 2008. If you need help creating the life of your dreams, visit their blog at for additional tips and articles that will help. While you’re there, ask them your most pressing question about building the life of your dreams or email with your question.

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