Good-bye Tulip and Jones

I’ve come to a hard decision. I have to cut a subplot to make the novel work better, so it’s good-bye to Tulip and Jones, for now.

I’ll be revising the scenes so that Maven will act them out, and Jones will have to fall through the Veil at another time, unless I decide to get him together with Maven sooner.

I’m not throwing them on the cutting room floor, however. They will have to wait for the next book to be fleshed out, but I want to get this done now and get the next two books started, After Midnight and That Darn Maven.

So long, Jones and Tulip. See you later.

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1 Response to Good-bye Tulip and Jones

  1. Tulip and Jones were picked up off the cutting room floor–we aren’t saying what they might have been doing there, but due to the deft editing of Nancy Bell, they are back!