Back in the Garden Again, Renewing Myself

My neighbors are happy again. My “little” brother (over 6’2″ and 230 lbs.) moved all my dead leaves from the last two years to the edge of the road last week, a herculean task, and the city vacuumed them up this week. To celebrate, I bought two garden hoses (called hose pipes here in SC) to replace the leaky ones I have been using since I moved here 8 years ago. I also got one of those copper spinning sprinkers with a cutout of a dragonfly in the middle just for fun.  I love the way it looks when it is spinning,  and it really does water most of my largest garden.  There are hosta, ferns, trillium, solomon’s seal, astilbe, camellia and azalea,  and anything else I can get to grow under my huge oak trees. They like to be wet now and again.

Some ofthe azaleas died, or nearly so, since the winter was so dry this year. I neglected them as much as I neglected myself.  I plan on all of us having a comeback.

After being online most of the last two years. I forgot how much I like getting my hands dirty.  I planted a few varigated vinca plants…some of which are creamy white with no green at all, and some small blue flower bulbs from the hardware where I bought the hose. I got everything watered enough, I think, so that when the thunderstorm came through with pea sized hail, the water was able to soad into the flower beds instead of just running off the dry dirt. I hope some of it went into the ant holes and soaked into the ground there.

I’m not a practical gardener. I’d rather plant hosta than tomatoes, although I would like to keep a big pot of cilantro growing outside my kitchen. I haven’t had a lot of luck with herbs, except for a very hardy rosemary that is threatening to become a bush. I need to move the containers further out in the driveway to get more sun. But then, if I watered them every day, and then remembered to cook and use them….

It could happen.


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