Fulfilling My Purpose in Life

I’m not making New Year’s resolutions this year, but I have been evaluating some of my current habits and their effects on my life goals and contentment.

Today I got an affirmation that made clear that I am moving toward fulfilling my purpose of being on the planet despite all my false starts, stumbling around, and generally wondering if what I want wants me. I read the following excerpt from a review of Maven Fairy Godmother by Sophie Sansregret on the Evolved World website:

This book made me sit back and re-evaluate (in a very good way) my New Year’s Resolutions. I realized that what I was thinking I wanted to give up, or improve, wasn’t always quite what I wanted or needed. Some wishes or resolutions which I pushed aside as frivolous were in fact valid and necessary. Others, superficially loftier in tone, were not as profound as they seemed. This book continually and successfully worries the difference between manifest and latent content of dreams, hopes, desires, and, of course, wishes.

I understand there is another book in the works. I look forward to it.

CHB Signature with starThis is why I am writing. This is what I wanted Maven to do, in a fun and entertaining way, and with at least one reader, I succeeded. I am so thrilled that at least one more person not only gets the story, but that she takes it to heart.

Every change I am making in my life to support my writing, every new lesson and obstacle removed is worth it when I read this short paragraph.

THANK YOU, Sophie, for making my year.  Maven II is coming, indeed.

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