Fleeting Thoughts Manifest

While sitting alone at my computer, tired of late nights, web sites and rewrites, I had a small pity party. I saw a flier for a local downtown event–music, arts and food.

I thought that it might be fun, but my usual partner, my daughter was off with her buddies having fun. I was in the empty nest. It would be nice to have someone to go with, I thougth, but since I don’t, I’ll just stay here.

Not five minutes later, a buddy of mine called to say that he wanted to go to the event, and would I be interested in going? We have a mutually beneficial relationship–He pays for the entertainment and I provide transportation. But he was a quick answer for a fleeting thought and we had an enjoyable hour or two.

Last night, another offhanded thought that I should call my agent fluttered by as I was posting my online class. Again within ten minutes, she called me, and we worked outa few details on the novel submission I revised again to email to her.

It is important to practice thinking good thoughts and feeling good, because even the most fleeting thought can flutter by and manifest in the physical world. I did not do anything special to attract my answers. I didn’t even write down the thoughts as a memo.

Be careful what you think about. You just might get it.

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