Fire Up Your Wishes

Today is the summer solstice–the longest day of the year. In far northern climes, the sun does not set, but only circles the horizon. Further south,  (way further south where I am), it’s the official beginning of summer, and it’s just very hot.

Fire ceremonies have always been part of the summer solstice celebration–bonfires are good anytime–and they help us to get into that mental space where we can burn up the old crap and get our enthusiasm fired up.

Write down on a piece of paper all the situations that you want to release. On another piece of paper, write down what you want to replace the situations that you want to release. For example, if you feel that there is never enough time to get things done, you might release that situation, and in its place, claim that there is enough time, and that you have the time management skills to do  the important things. You might also release the confusion and fuzziness to have clarity of mind about what is important for your purpose in life.

State your new thoughts in present tense: “I am clear in mind. I know my purpose. I have time to do what I want to do to fulfill my purpose.”

Then burn the first piece of paper in a safe way. As the paper burns, say “I release old habits and now change my thoughts.”  Finish burning, and clean up the mess, burying the ashes.

Then tape the second on your bathroom mirror. Read it aloud ten times a day.  Write it down every day until you begin to think your new thoughts.

A belief is something that you have thought many times. Today is the perfect day to start thinking new thoughts and building new beliefs.

I have time. I have clarity. I know my purpose. I am the person I have always wanted to be. I am fulfilling my purpose.  I am fired up with enthusiasm!

Happy Solstice!

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1 Response to Fire Up Your Wishes

  1. Barbara Nigg says:

    Hi Charlotte! Inspiring post! I just read recently that more effective than discipline, is enthusiasm – for accomplishing your life’s dream. : )