Fairy Godmother badge for Girl Scouts

A fairy godmother badge can now be earned by girl scouts. They collect prom gowns and one complete outfit to help the Fairy Godmothers, Inc. provide prom dresses for girls who cannot otherwise go to the prom.

The scout must donate 8 long gowns, in good repair and not more than five years old, on hangers, sized. One gown must be accessorized with shoes, jewelry, a purse and a shawl. When the gowns are collected and donated, the troop leader can order the badge.

Giving younger girls a service project that directly helps other girls is a wonderful idea, and it teaches some skills such as recycling for a fun and glamourous project. Learn more about the badge and about the Fairy Godmothers, Inc., at http://www.fairygodmothersinc.com/news/girl_scouts_patch.html

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