Faery and Cyberspace

The realm of  Faery is the remains of myth and folktale at the beginning of the printing era, and so there is also a division from the written word, the space between the reality of a story, the telling of a story and the capturing of a story, like a lightning bug in a mason jar,  to pin it down to one frozen form, and from there to deconstruct  it to make derivations.

Over the last 1000 years (at least in Mundane), a new dimension has grown at right angles both from Faery and from Mundane, often called Cyberspace in these modern times, but it did not originate in telecommunications. Cyberspace is not only the space between my keyboard and your monitor, but between my mouth and your ears over the phone, and between my mind and your mind as you live in the world that I create by writing or telling a story.

This is only possible because you and I are ONE.  That which expresses as me and that which expresses as you are connected to each other as the ONE, so that images and sensations from my pre-frontal cortex can be coded onto symbols and decoded by your prefrontal cortex. This is the deepest magic, that one person can make up a story, and another can experience it.

At some point, Maven will be exploring this meta-dimension, maybe running into some of her favorite characters from literature, TV and movies. She might also meet both gamers and game characters–wonder if Lara Croft or Zelda have any wishes to be granted?

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