Eva Hiers’ New Book: A Spiritual Awakening

Eva Hiers New Book A Spiritual Awakening

Eva Hiers New Book A Spiritual Awakening

It’s a treat when you get a thank you note from someone you didn’t sell something to. I’ll share the warm fuzzy that I got from Eva Hiers today.

Hello Ms. Babb,

I don’t know if you remember me or not. We emailed a couple of times before the Writers Conference this year.

I am from Hazlehurst, Georgia and had sent a couple of writings to you. Your suggestion was that I needed a publisher not a conference. I took your advice after I knew, that I knew, the Lord was pushing me to do the book. Well I did, and guess what! the book is now out! My newly released book is titled “A Spiritual Awakening” Inspirational Writings From The Holy Spirit”

I wanted to thank you personally.

As I look back over this summer, I realize now that the Lord had other plans for me and wanted everyone to know this was his work no training from other sources, just his guidance.

If you would like to view the book you can go to http://www.aspiritualawakening.org or a href=”http://www.evahiers.com/”>http://www.evahiers.com. My book is also available on Amazon and barnes and noble etc.

Thank you,
Eva Hiers

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5 Responses to Eva Hiers’ New Book: A Spiritual Awakening

  1. Eva Hiers says:

    Wow! What beautiful things to do for someone you have not even met. Again, thank you Ms. Babb. I only wanted to add a comment to my email that I sent to you.

    I do believe in the power of networking! Gathering ideas from so many other writers who are experienced, hearing their stories as well as the do’s and don’ts, I know will make life easier. We all learn from each other. Networking truly is priceless.
    So although, the Lord was taking me on a journey this summer
    with writings that He inspired me to write, I know that He was the pilot and I was the co-pilot. Had this journey not took place, and the doors had not closed on me, I would
    have been right in the middle of all the wonderful learning experiences at your conference this summer.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Eva. What goes around comes around, as you so clearly understand.

    We’re having another conference this year, and we’d still love to have you, and the Lord too, not that he needs the help, but we do.

  3. Eva Hiers says:

    Hi, I wanted to share some more good news with you.
    Nashville just released the demo to my first writing in
    song format “To Set You Free” The demo is being
    sent out to country artist to see who would be interested in recording the song.
    It is a song that will touch women who were abused and suffered in life. Powerful words! The Lord is so
    good, this door was opened through Him once again.
    I hope and pray you enjoy it, and it will speak to your heart!

    click on the button: To Set You Free

    Be Blessed, Eva

  4. Thanks, Eva! Best of luck to you and your new career.

  5. Agnola says:

    Fantastic post!!! Cheers!