Eliminate Expectations of Results

Rainbow during a hailstorm

Rainbow during a hailstorm--Be open to what is happening now, and you may be surprised that it is better than you expected.

Expectations can bite back, especially if you are tied to a specific result or feeling from an experience.

Part of being your own fairy godmother is expecting your wishes to come true and living your life as if your wish has been granted. But you can also make a mess of things if you spend too much time fretting about how things appear to be in the “real world” that are in contrast with your wishful thinking.

Manifesting takes time. If you only look at what is, you can only make more of what already it. If you build up a large dream and then make yourself disappointed that something did not turn out exactly the way you wanted it, you miss the opportunity of your wish being granted in a better way than you were able to imagine it.

If your wish is that this one circumstance  must happen so that you can be happy, you can expect to be disappointed. Being happy where you are is the boarding pass to get where you want to go. Your thinking and dreaming and unconscious wandering around has brought you to the contrast that you are now experiencing, and that has shown you the desire that you have.

Making yourself upset because something did not turn out as you expected, like thinking that a second piece of chocolate cake will taste better than the first, is a waste of energy. Any time you make yourself upset, and you always choose to be upset by choosing to think of a given circumstance as something wrong, you are using energy that you might put to more positive use.

Use your energy to see what you can learn from the experience. Look at how well everything else went, even if a detail or two was awry. Check your own expectations to see if they were not in alignment with your vibration. You can’t experience anything that is more than two or three steps away from your current vibration. Circumstances do not change your emotional tone: you do.

So check your expectations of results at the door. Experience what is happening now and expect it to be just fine.

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  1. Mithu Hassan says:

    Very Interesting !! Thanks for sharing !!!