Edumacated…hooded, shaken and papered

The MA in Humanities is mine, firmly ensconced in my luggage as I wait through a long layover in LAX for my flight back to South Carolina.  I have officially surived rush hour traffic in LA on the Thursday afternoon before the Memorial Day weekend, lived through a near-miss head-on collision with an idiot passing a semi on a two lane mountain road, and returned my rental HHR in one piece with no scratches. Life is good.

Each of us had a few moments to make remarks about our time at Pacifica. Several of the Mythological Studies grads said that their families did not understand what they were doing or why. After all, the job listings for mythololgists, or humanists for that matter, are very limited. I added that not only my family, but my coworkers and even I did not know why I had come there, or what I was doing.

Pacifica was like the cocoon for me as a caterpillar, which literally melts down into a primordial soup of DNA which later emerges as a butterfly, with only six legs instead of many, new appendages on its back and in every way different from the lifeform that built the cocoon.

Pacifica was a cocoon for me, and I definitely felt that I had more than one meltdown! As I climb out, I’m not sure what the new appendages are for or what direction I am facing. But it is clear to me that  I am going in the right direction.

As the Cheshire Cat would say, “Any direction is the right one if you are more concerned with the journey than the destination.” But this milestone has been reached, and I am assessing where I am while my wings get dry. I am finding some roadsigns in a few new writing gigs and a sale of a short story to (Fairy Frogmother…check it out June 15).

So I am going somewhere new on this first day of the rest of my life. I am looking forward  to the journey.

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