Dreamy Afternoon

I keep dozing off at my desk today, waking up with my chin on my chest.  I did not have a big lunch or high carbs–mostly veggies and fruit and walnuts. What’s up with this? Could be spring fever, nice warm day, cool breeze, sunny wiht flowers. I’ve taken a walk today to get my energy moving again, but every time I blink, it’s harder to open my eyes.

I think it’s anxiety. When I am feeling anxious–like about the end of my contract and the new, unfamiliar things I am doing to find my next venture–I want to sleep, to hide under the covers. Sometimes I go into dream-sleep almost with the blink of my eye so that I am in a different world for a few seconds until my head drops, or I hear a noise, or I realize that I am still typing, but what I am typing does not make any sense with the scenes I am seeing. 

I am brainstorming about a flash piece I want to work up for the work blog about the robotics training we are offering. The guys who teach the robotics are very busy, and their schedule doesn’t gee-haw with mine. I hope I can get a short video of the actual machines working, but if not, maybe I can cobble up an animation.

The good thing about being sleepy is that I get flashes of ideas…like a machine that opens up student heads, pours stuff in, and then screws the heads back on. Not an original idea by any means, but I see it in a nice, flat vector style that would be easy to do in flash. But the next scenario is more like I dream of Jeannie.

I have to get a handle on this and get some work done today. I have a new web client, and she will need the works. So, time to dream up a new domain name and all that.

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