Dowsing for Answers

I needed to make a decision about something that didn’t feel quite right, so I grabbed my pendulum, a plastic crystal on a chain with a bead to hold, and I asked the question. I found that as I asked several other questions came to mind, and as the crystal swung around in a circle, I knew that I had asked the right question. The answer was no, don’t do it.

Why ask a simple tool for an answer? Do I believe that a piece of acrylic knows more than I do about what I want? No, but I do believe that sometimes I need a tool to focus my mind on what I want to know from my subconscious, and a pendulum is simple and easy to use.

Iv’e studied the work of Raymon Grace and his down-to-earth philosophy of “Try it. It might work”  has helped me at various times to focus. Grace uses dowsing for many things, including de-toxifying water even at a distance, helping people clear their bodies of unwanted conditions and clearing negative energies from buildings. His booklet, Techniques that Work for Me,  gives simple, clear instructions for how to exorcise ghosts, remove family curses and various other kinds of energy work for personal benefit and to improve the world we live in.

During the board exams at the college where I work, I noticed a surge of anxiety among all the test takers, so thick I could almost smell it. I decided the energy was also making me anxious, so I picked up my pendulum and began clearing the whole campus of anxiety, negative thoughts, fear, and any other negative energies, stress or cloudiness of mind. In a few moments, I felt much better, and the people around me seemed less fretful.

For those who feel that it is not polite to do energy work for others who have not asked, part of the dowsing protocol is to ask the pendulum (the Universe, God, your Higher Self) if you have the permission, ability, and the right to do this work: Can I, May I, Should I? If you  get a “no” to these preliminary questions, don’t proceed. You can also ask if there are other issues that you can, may and should work on, and if you get a “yes”, work on those, asking the questions.

Dowsing can give you yes/no answers, or with the use of a chart, such as is included in the Grace booklet or online in the material Letter to Robin , you can spell out answers or get numerical responses, such as percentages. Taking a few hours to begin learning to dowse is rewarding, and the pendulum can be as mundane as a washer tied to a short piece of string.

Give it a try. For more information see

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2 Responses to Dowsing for Answers

  1. Raymon Grace says:

    HI Charlotte, thank you for your comments about my work.
    Have you been in class with me or just studied the material?

    If you do not receive my newsletter, fell free to sign up for it. Will be writing more articles on how to improve life with dowsing.

    Wishing you the BEST!

    • Raymon, I have read a couple of your books, and I do get your newsletter. I have not had the pleasure of being in one of your classes, but I have several of your DVDs.

      Thank YOU for your good work and for your inspiration. Maybe I can make it to one of your classes then next time you are in my area of South Carolina.

      Better and Better!