Don’t have a Niche? Get a Life!

In reading about how to target a niche audience, I realized that I don’t have a life.

I don’t have hobbies, unless you count blogging. I don’t watch TV, unless you count a DVD once a week or so. I don’t hang out except with my adult daughter, and then we are working on brainstorming for her artwork and writing or mine. I don’t even surf the net, play games or chat.

I do write two blogs for myself, and one for work. I teach online for U. of Phoenix, which means reading the 300 or so posts every week from the class, and grading their papers. I am studying how to use the internet to make money, so I can have a life. I am writing on the sequel to my novel, ( a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel contest), and I maintain several websites in addition to my own. The internet is my first life, not my second.

That’s some kind of catch-42* I suppose. Can’t find a niche until you have a life, and you can’t have a life because you are looking for a niche. Get a life? Isn’t that what we are all working for, to be able to enjoy life?

Here’s a solution. Stop looking for a niche.

Go for the big nickel. You have something to say, and you say it to the world. Keep saying it. Say it in as many places as you can: your blog, your website, your articles, your podcast, you book, your videos, on the phone, everywhere. Say it until you are blue in the face. Say it until you are sick of it, and then see what else you have to say.

Someone out there needs to hear what you are saying. Give it away until you find the value of it. Then give most of it and charge for the rest. Or you could charge for it first and hype it up all over the place until someone finally hears you over the hype.

Someone will hear you. The more you put it out there, casting your words out like bread on the waters, the more chances the words will come back to you, maybe bringing the goose that lays golden eggs. That’s the plan.

What am I saying? Get a life. Live the one you have. Go and do what you do. Sing your song. Dance your dance. Praise ALL THAT IS that you woke up this morning. If you are stuck, move something. Change something. Discover the Zen of housework.

*42 being the answer to the eternal question,  according to Douglas Adams
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1 Response to Don’t have a Niche? Get a Life!

  1. Trixie says:

    This is very cool! Thanks for posting it. I’m giving up on the niche thing as of now. Just because you’re a hermit doesn’t mean you have to stick with the cave.