Don’t complain. Don’t explain.

Don’t complain. Don’t explain.

Diet has taken on so many overtones of meaning that the descriptive meaning–that which we eat–has almost been lost.

As I have been following the suggestions of my EPFX practitioner, Nelli Biddix of Be Natural in Spartanburg, I have found that I feel better. I am more rested and calmer.
I have also lost at least 16 pounds (7.3 KG, 1.1 stone). How much more than that, I don’t know, but the last time I weighed in before working up my medical history with my new chiropractic intern, Jaime, I maxed out the scale. (YIKES!!! Did I say that out loud?).

But this time I didn’t.

I am wearing the clothes I didn’t clear out of my closet because I liked them. They are loose. So for once, Due not only to the foods I am eating–nuts, berries, seeds, stems and leaves–my body is shedding fat. I have not been exercising, other than parking my car under a shade tree rather than close to the door.

Yet if I mention my eating plan, people don’tunderstand that it is not about losing weight–many folks would find 16 pounds in 6 months way too slow for a successful weight-loss diet. It is about allowing my body to heal itself by reducing the foods that are stressors.

I have seen a number of internet doctors, such as Dr. Susan Lark, who recommend that all women over 40 stop eating gluten, and some people recommend that no one over the age of 5 should use dairy products. Different blood types supposedly have different enzymes for metabolizing foods–Type A like me should be vegetarian.

Well, I’m getting there…no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no kidney beans, no red meat,no pork, no chicken, no tuna, no pumpkin seeds.

But fruit, nuts, greens, rice, corn, soy, and turkey are all right. So that’s what I eat.

But it’s not about losing weight, although that is a nice plus. It’s about being healthy, giving my body the nutrients it needs and not stressing it out with toxins. Many of the foods on my Don’t List are produced in factory farms with fertilizers, genetically modified plants or animals, growth hormones, antibiotics and goddess only knows what else. So, okay, I can live without them.

But that’s hard to explain to a person who says she will work off the calories by working out as she eats another gluten, dairy,and sugar laden cookie.

Its easier not to. Don’t complain. Don’t explain.

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