Dancin’ with the Prez

Sherman College had its annual fun day on Wednesday, and I got a chance to dance with the president, Dr. Jon Swartzbauer in his role as lead singer of the DCGees…flashback disco fun to “Give an Ajdustment! See it here:

Being my third week on the job, I didn’t realize that it was the president at first–he was wearing a wig and a ruffled shirt, after all, and we had just watched the first quarter students do their rendition of Achy Breaky Back and Welcome to Scallon. I’ll spare you the pickle eating contest.

Remember when you are manifesting your new job to add FUN to the list.

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  1. Julie says:

    I just got a message saying to mail you, I thought I would check out your site first. It looks very interesting. Did you do this from 30dc?
    I was looking for help on pasting links from affiliates into your web page.
    I have done it but its not appearing where I wanted.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you