A Crystallizing Comment

Green Frogs and Pond Scum

Green Frogs and Pond Scum

Have you ever made an offhand comment that crystallized a moment in your life?

I was telling someone about teaching in a community college setting. I said that I felt like a fairy godmother with a classroom full of frogs and toads who were striving to be princes and princesses…it was about transformation. I wished that I had a magic wand to transform them and give them the self-esteem, the vision, the whatever they needed to reach their goals. What I could do for them was teach them to write for their classes.

Every one has moments when they feel that a ray of sunshine has penetrated the swamp and pond scum where life has taken a dip in, the road. That’s when we need a fairy godmother.

As I thought about that comment, I thought it would be fun to write about a fairy godmother who always tries to help, but who fractures the fairy tales she works on.  The stories would work out, maybe at the last possible moment, but they would be funny and unconventional.

That’s how I got started writing Maven Fairy Godmother. I always felt that I was not like the heroines of Grimm’s fairy tales, so I wanted some stories that might apply to a big-footed brunette with no singing voice and a distaste for housework–hmmmm, that gives me an idea for another takeoff on Cinderella–maybe starring a lovely young Sasquatch?

What was a crystallizing moment for you?

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