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James Brausch has released a video on the process for becoming a rock star, director, movie producer, internet guru or whatever other expertise you can share. 

His DVD Earn an Income By Creating Your Own DVD…Even If you Live on a Remote Island with Only Internet Access to the Outside World! shows step-by-step how to take AVI video files created by web cam, screen recorder, or other means, burn them to DVD and create a product to sell online and list on Amazon.  It requires simple equipment you probably already have–a headset microphone and a DVD writer–and free software. This is a physical product, not a download.

All the software needed is free to download,  quick to instal, and dirt-simple to use. Even Camtasia can be downloaded free for a 30-day trial, and if you’ve learned to drive traffic to your site, you could make the money to pay full price for it in a month! (I’m still working on that one–my product launched Monday.) You can order all you want for $1.75 each, but $3 shipping per order, and Kunaki will drop ship to other companies such as CDBaby.  You can’t beat that kind of deal.

You can have a DVD for sale online in 35 hours from recording the video to ordering your copies… with little or no cash outlay.  You don’t have to be a “techie” to do it, either. The video is quite clear, although if you are a kinesthetic learner like me, you might want to take notes while you watch and listen, or you might want to watch twice.  He covers the whole process in an hour! 

dvd.gifThe actual process of making the recording is not covered, but you peek over James Brausch’s shoulder as he records the steps:

  • downloading the software
  • making the ISO file
  • burning the ISO to DVD
  • uploading the finished DVD for sale
  • setting up your Amazon account

He demonstrates the actual process he used to make the DVD you are watching, and he offers numerous tips and pointers for success along the way. 

I was able to make my own product (Map your Mind) as an intern by following the steps on this DVD.   My only glitch was that the DVD burning software did not like my USB  DVD writer. But if you have a similar DVD writer, you can use the software that came with it to do the burn after you make the ISO. The rest of the process was a piece of cake, even though it took 17 hours (up to 30!) to upload the final product.

This is the most practical video I have ever used. I have used this process several times, and it gets easier as I go along.  I will be helping my brother (an old hippie musician) make a video about his songs and a CD that he can sell on MySpace.  I have a whole new concept of how I can teach writing, photoshop and even the craft painting!

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4 Responses to Create Your Own DVD

  1. Robert says:

    I have a question about the Intern Program. Whatever you create in the program (e.g. a DVD, a revised procedure, etc), do you retain the rights to it or does James own the rights? Or is there perhaps some sort of profit-sharing arrangement?

    I have to weigh the value of a new product versus the value of the internship procedures and tools. If the product(s) I create is worth more in profit than the procedures and tools, then I may be wiser just outright buying the procedures.

    I appreciate your insight.

    Keep Well,
    Rob VH

  2. When you make a work-for-hire procedure as an intern, James Brausch keeps the non-exclusive rights, but he allows you to make and sell your own copies. He sells his, and you sell yours. You don’t get a cut of his sales, and he does not get a cut of yours.

    TRUST ME, the intern program is profitable…see the March 12 post. You get paid (I’ve never made less than $40 for a task and have made up to $80) AND you learn how to do it, AND you get the procedures. You don’t PAY anything, except buying a domain name, a hosting, and a microphone–$50 tops.

    Now I have my own product.
    Now I know how to make new ones.
    Now I know how to get the word out, and NOW I am confident enough to do it. This is a win-win situation for me. YMMV

  3. Dave Smith says:

    Could you give example of some of the tasks, on the intern program?

  4. Intern Tasks:
    comment on blogs
    find blogs
    add blog post to blog carnival
    run batch processing on Muvar sites
    revise headlines, copy paragraphs, guarantees
    ghostwrite blog posts (nearly every “content” post is ghostwritten, as near as I can tell–maybe the sales pitch stuff too? )
    make a DVD product
    set up a up your own blog…I have the 13 CD set of the procedures. If you want them for free, sign up. Just don’t do anything you are not told to do.

    For the rest of the list, check out Braush’s site. He’s pushing the intern program very hard now…getting hundreds of new minions every day.