Consciously creating your world

Candy striped Camellia

Candy striped Camellia

Opening your consciousness to the idea that we each create our own world is difficult, because much of what is in our worlds, we don’t want. The problem with conscious creation is becoming aware and being willing to put some time into allowing and thinking about what you do want. It takes time to appreciate what is good and beautiful and desirable about your life. Without that appreciation, those things and experiences slip away and are gone.

Whatever you pay attention is your world. If you don’t smell the roses, you have missed out. If you don’t take a minute to enjoy the coffee you made for breakfast, you miss out on the pleasure of the smell and taste, while waiting for the go-juice to kick in. If you spend your creative energy complaining about the other people on the highway, the different perspectives of coworkers or the lack of long stretches of time for you to fulfill your dream, then you have missed a chance to create your own world.

If you take moments as they come–enjoying a line of birds settling in for the night on the  power line to the stoplight, instead of fuming that you had to stop once again before completing your next errand—your body gets relief from stress.  Frustration with something you can’t change puts more and more stress hormones into your already overloaded body, setting you up to gain weight, have a heart attack or a stroke. Not appreciating where and when you are at a given moment makes the effects of an overstimulated, harried life much worse.

To have the creative energy to begin to dream your ideal life into reality, you need to stop wasting it on trying to make other people wrong for not wanting what you want. Think about what you do want, and take a moment many times during a busy day to think of what you do have, especially if you have a job, and a spouse, and children, and a home,  and a yard; think about how many blessings you have, and how close you really are to the life you want. If you can relax and appreciate even for 17 seconds every hour, you will become the change you want to see, and you will be creating consciously.  You won’t be stuck in the morass of mass consciousness.

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2 Responses to Consciously creating your world

  1. janice says:

    LOVE this! It’s really hard for me to appreciate the present moment. I get stuck in the past and the future. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the now.