Conceive Believe Achieve

I started this account to build my dream of being a writer and of exploring how we manifest our own reality.

I have studied the Abraham materials, dianic witchcraft, reiki, depth psychology, mythology and now emotional freedom therapy. I have come to understand that what we call reality is just another form of illusion, and it can shift with a change of perspective.

I don’t advocate being a fairy godmother for anyone else, as it is impossible to see how another person views the universe from his or her center. Waiting around for someone else to be our fairy godmother is lame and risky, although marginally better than waiting for the prince or princess (Superman or Wonder Woman or Shrek) to come and rescue us. So the best alternative from my perspective is to do our fairy godmothering for ourselves.

First, what do we wish for? That’s the toughest part. What to we (women and men) really want? How do we sort out what we want from what we have been told that we want? Is a million dollars enough? a hundred million? Do we want to be healthy to spend the money? Do we want a partner that will make the journey more enjoyable? Microsoft asks where we want to go today? How about tomorrow and ten years from now? People who live to be old enough to retire have a good chance of living another twenty years–a fourth lifetime to our earliest ancestors, and half of a lifetime for our grandparents.

Now is a good time do think about what we want, and how to see, smell, touch, hear and taste it long bfore it shows up on the porch. Every one of us has the chance to create the live we want, in all its details, without taking anything from anyone else.

The first thing we have to do is to make that wish…..We can’t grant our own wishes if we don’t make any.

Please share your wishes with me.

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