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My theme this year is system, but I’m learning that I have to commit to using a system for it to work for me.

If I don’t check off my little check boxes, I don’t get that little “attagirl” feeling of accomplishment. On a long term goal, such as being a professional writer, it takes a lot of little “attagirls” along the way. And as we know, only one “ooops” wipes out a lot of “attagirls.”

I specifically used “ooops” because that’s all it is if I miss one day, but the point remains: commitment to the system. System means “Plan the work. Work the plan.” These first two weeks of the Ultimate blog challenge have nudged me to do what internet marketers have been saying to do since there was an internet and blogs…write, comment, link. It’s not the little pieces of paper glued into my planner, but my own commitment to write the post, post it, comment on others, and now, to make a list of bloggers I want to stay in touch with, to build a relationship with, because I like what they are doing.

The 12-step programs reward a small token for 21 days of sticking to the plan, be it sobriety, clean from drugs or sticking to the eating plan. Another token is gives for recognition of 90 days. It takes at least 21 days to start a new habit, and 90 days to install that habit as something more than a new idea. A phrase for newbies in the program is 90 meetings in 90 days, a strong commitment to changing one’s life.

The goal of working through the 12 steps is to open oneself up to a spiritual experience by becoming honest with one’s self, and working through making amends for one’s shortcomings. It is the process that replaces one or more bad habits–drinking, drugs, overeating–with better habits. The first replacement drug is the meeting itself.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge does not have quite so lofty a goal as sobriey, but it does aim to establish a new habit and goal for us as we learn how to manage our blogs and our lives to get the return we want. Sometimes, that return is that we have written today. It is easier to check off a box for something completed than for something resisted.

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6 Responses to Committment and Purpose

  1. eyenie says:

    Nicely said, Charlotte!! I love how you liken this experience to a 12-step program…that’s exactly how I feel about it! I was addicted to resistance, and finally broke my bad habit and am here interacting, allowing myself to be SEEN and to EXIST!! Aaaah… I love your word, and kudos for sticking to it! I dig your writing style and message…high fives all around! YAY!

    • Charlotte Henley Babb says:

      ^5 ^5 (high fives?) 😉
      What a concept! to be SEEN and to EXIST! I like your thought about “addicted to resistance.” It reminds me of a dirty limerick with a punchline of “piece of resistance.” I’m working on that same release of resistance and allowing of manifestation. Higher Power. God(dess)/Universe/Spirit loves and IS us, so opening to that knowing and following the guidance makes for a great adventure. We sill have to take the steps.

  2. Hi again, Charlotte! We seem to be working on the same sort of schedule with our daily blog posts. Good for you in regards to this kind of commitment and also your organizational skills. Mine are still pretty random, but I’m working on it…

    • Charlotte Henley Babb says:

      Welcome back, goodrivergallery. Randomness is a gift, but corralling it, like training your cat to some when you call, takes a system and committment. I haven’t found the can of tuna that my random-ness will follow. 😉

  3. denyskelley says:

    Yeah for us for doing this! Or as you said….. atta girl!
    It’s been fun connecting with other people in the blog challenge.
    I have enjoyed reading so many wonderful blogs and leaving comments!

    • Charlotte Henley Babb says:

      Thanks for dropping by. This blog challenge has been very helpful for me personally, and as you say, lots of fun to see what others are doing with it.