J. A. Cipriano: Jet-My Brother’s Keeper

JA Cipriano: Jet My Brothers Keeper

JA Cipriano: Jet My Brothers Keeper – a novella

J.A. Cipriano’s Jet: My Brother’s Keeper reads like  Nikita  of Division met Agent Melinda “The Cavalry” May of S.H.I.E.L. D. and their love child, Jet, is Ziva David  of N.C.I.S. Oh, and she has a brother. Separated as young children, she’s in Moussad, and he’s in college.

Murder. Death. Kill.

If you love non-stop action and mayhem,  you will love this novella of a bad-ass agent with sibling issues.  I think she takes out three dozen assailants in the same number of minutes it takes to read the novella.  Much kicking of various body parts glosses over the less well-developed plot and characterization issues.

As  a teaser for a longer piece, or maybe as part of a series, it works. All action-adventure requirements and tropes you could ever want fill this novella. Christian Kane couldn’t take out this chick.

Not a lot of Characterization–Typical of Genre

I prefer to learn more about why the character does what she does, worries about going soft, and risks everything. It’s either a bit too long or half the length it needs to be to tell the salient part of the story. I think the whole first chapter could come out. I’m used to action novellas, but I still want to know who she is and why she cares.  Not satisfied.

Cipriano  writes well, with well described, logical action for the main character, with only a few spellcheck typos. The POV stays in place well after the first shift that comes after the teaser opening. I’d rather see it all from Jet’s POV. How did she get into this predicament ? Why is her long-lost  trust fund brother worth it?

Fast paced, quick read, all action. If that’s your bag, you and Cipriano may be new BFFs.

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