Charlotte, The Southern Belle of Wrestlicious

Amber O'Neal, aka Kimberley Davis, as Charlotte, Southern Belle

Amber O’Neal, aka Kimberley Davis, as Charlotte, Southern Belle

Characters come in many types, and this was was just too much fun to pass up. Kimberely Dawn Davis, aka Amber O’Neal, sometimes used the ring name of Charlotte the Southern Belle, and was at times teamed up with Savannah, also a SB, both taking their names from the respective cities. I can’t say that I’m a fan, but I watched a lot of pro wrestling when I was a kid…a very athletic form of dance.

Kimberley says, “I became a huge wrestling fan in 1995. Stone Cold, Sable, D-X, and X-pac were my favorites and I also liked watching Rey Mysterio on WCW. I got so involved in it I started to think it was something I could do. I started researching how I could get into it. I found out about Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte. So called the number and a couple days later I drove to Charlotte and enrolled. It was an awesome experience. I was trained by Gary Royal and Leilani Kai. Strawberry Fields owned the school, and she was a wrestler as well so I trained with her some too. I was immediately hooked. I continued to go every week for about 6 months. My first match was against Leilani Kai in Maggie Valley,NC. I continued to work Leilani my first two years, along with Riptide, one of the best female workers in the indys today, and Desiree Peterson. I consider myself very lucky to have come up in the wrestling industry with such talented women and I feel they taught me about respect and how to look out for myself in the business I am forever grateful for that. In my third year in wrestling I started working for the CWF and there I met Mikael Yamaha and the Gemini Kid. I continued to train under them to this day. They helped take my career to another level. Working with them and the CWF has taught me a lot about working with the guys in the ring. I started working a lot of mixed tags and learning a lot about psychology, angles, and cutting promos. In the fifth year of my career, I suffered a severe knee injury and had to take a 1 year absence to have reconstructive knee surgery. I can definitely say I love wrestling because everyday I was out of commission all I wanted to do was wrestle and my love for this business is what made me do everything I had to do to get myself back in the ring. I am grateful for my experiences and opportunities I have had in the last 6 years.”

Early career (1999–2003)
Davis got into wrestling after watching it with a friend who was a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Davis initially became a fan of Sable. After researching how to get involved with the sport, Davis trained under Strawberry Fields, Leilani Kai, and Gary Royal at the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. After training for six months, she debuted in July 1999 in the Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) as Amber Holly, wrestling Leilani Kai in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. She also worked with Desiree Paterson and Riptide. In 2002, Holly began wrestling for the Carolina Wrestling Federation (CWF), where she furthered her training under Gemini Kid and Mikael Yamaha at the CWF Dojo Camp. While a part of the company, she defeated Kai for the CWF Women’s Championship. In May 2003, Holly suffered a knee injury during a match with Brandi Alexander, to whom she later lost the CWF title. She tore her anterior cruciate ligament and patella tendon, as well as suffering cartilage damage.She was obliged to undergo reconstructive surgery and was inactive for approximately a year.

Team Blondage

Team Blondage

Team Blondage (2004–2005, 2009)
Holly returned to the ring on May 16, 2004, adopting the ring name Amber O’Neal and the gimmick of a motocross racer. She changed her name because of her respect for Nora Greenwald, who used the ringname Molly Holly. Greenwald helped O’Neal in her tryout matches with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In late 2004, O’Neal formed a tag team with Krissy Vaine known as Team Blondage. The team wrestled primarily on the North Carolina independent circuit, appearing with promotions such as Shimmer and Women’s Extreme Wrestling. Team Blondage defeated Clehopatra and Navaho to win the vacant WEW Tag Team Championship on May 8, 2005 at the WEW pay-per-view “No Ho’s Barred”. In the course of their reign, Vaine signed a contract with WWE. Vaine was subsequently replaced within Team Blondage by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling alumna Lollipop. On the April 6, 2006 WEW pay-per-view, O’Neal and Lollipop lost the WEW Women’s Tag Team Championship to T and A (Talia and April Hunter).

After a long term hiatus prior leaving WWE and the wrestling business for over a year, it was announced that Krissy Vaine decided to return to the wrestling industry and reunite with her Team Blondage partner, Amber O’Neal. They have now announced themselves as Team Blondage 2.0, and in their debut match they defeated against the established Scream Queens (Daffney and MsChif). On March 7, they defeated Persephone and Kristin Flake in CWF.

Arena chicks, apparently in South Carolina, judging from the flags. This is why I think pro wrestling is a particularly athletic form of ballet.

Arena chicks, apparently in South Carolina, judging from the flags. This is why I think pro wrestling is a particularly athletic form of ballet.


Shimmer Women Athletes (2005–2009)
O’Neal was part of the very first Shimmer show where she teamed with Krissy Vaine to defeat the team of Nikki Roxx and Cindy Rogers. Later in the night she lost a singles match to Christie Ricci.

After Vaine signed a WWE contract, O’Neal moved into singles competition and lost to both Cindy Rogers in a triple threat elimination match also including Tiana Ringer, and Nikki Roxx. She got her first singles victory against the debuting Serena Deeb on Volume 5 but later in the night she lost to Serena in a rematch.

On October 22, 2006, as part of Volume 7, she was defeated by Allison Danger. Later in the night however she got a victory by pinfall over Josie after hitting with her STO Finishing Manouvre. At the Volume 9 and 10 taping, she lost to both Daizee Haze and MsChif via pinfall.

She did not compete in the Shimmer Championship tournament, and lost to Portuguese Princess Ariel on Volume 14.She then lost to “The Jezebel” Eden Black and Lorelei Lee on Volume 15 and 16 but she was able to score a third pinfall victory over Lorelei Lee as part of Volume 17. Later in the night however she lost to Shark Girl. She missed Volume 19 and 20, and returned to Shimmer for Volumes 21 and 22, where she lost to Wesna Busic and Mercedes Martinez. On May 2, 2009, at the tapings of Volume 23, she defeated the debuting Tenille with a backslide, but went on to lose to Jennifer Blake as part of Volume 24, and LuFisto.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2006, 2009)
In April and May 2006, O’Neal wrestled at several TNA house shows produced in conjunction with the United Wrestling Federation. O’Neal also made a televised appearance in 2006 against Gail Kim. O’Neal appeared on the June 5, 2008 edition of TNA Impact!. She was planted in the audience along with fellow wrestlers Daffney and Becky Bayless, with the three of them volunteering to wrestle Awesome Kong in the “$25,000 Challenge”. Daffney was selected and subsequently lost to Kong. O’Neal returned at the December 21, 2009, Impact! tapings, where she was defeated by Lizzy Valentine in a tryout dark match.

National Wrestling Alliance (2008–2010)
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (2008–2010)
O’Neal made her debut for National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)’s promotion Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling on the August 9, 2008 edition of MACW Televison Tapings, where she competed against Kristin Flake in a winning effort. On the September 10 edition of MACW Televison Tapings, O’Neal defeated TNA Knockout Daffney in singles competition. On the January 10 edition of MACW Televison Tapings, O’Neal gained another victory over Daffney. On the February 21 edition of MACW Televison Tapings, O’Neal teamed up with Krissy Vaine in a winning effort defeating The Scream Queens (Daffney and MsCheif) in a tag-team match. On the March 14 edition of MACW Televison Tapings, O’Neal continued her winning streak when she competed against the debuting Persephone in a winning effort.

On the May 15 edition of MACW Televison, O’Neal defeated the debuting Jayme Jameson in a singles match. On the July 11 edition of MACW Summer Bash pay-per-view, O’Neal undefeated streak ended when she competed against Christie Ricci in a losing effort. This would turn out to be O’Neal final match in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling due to NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling folding early 2010.

NWA Charlotte (2009)
In March 2009, O’Neal made her debut for National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)’s promotion NWA Charlotte in a match against Daffney. Amber O’Neal switched with Krissy Vaine, who got the pinfall over Daffney for her tag team partner. On the May 15 edition of NWA Charlotte TV Tapings, O’Neal defeated the debuting Jayme Jameson after the interference from Krissy Vaine. On the May 23, 2009 edition of NWA Charlotte Total Compliance pay-per-view, O’Neal defeated Jayme Jameson after Krissy Vaine switched with her to become the first NWA Charlotte Women’s Champion. She would turn out to be the title’s only holder due to NWA Charlotte folding in late 2009.

Women Superstars Uncensored (2009–2010)

O’Neal debuted for Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) on August 22, 2009 in a victorious effort against Annie Social. Later in the night she got another victory over “The Definition of Technician” Cindy Rogers. O’Neal continued her winning streak as she defeated Sassy Stephanie in a Special Challenge Match on November 3 and later in the night she defeated the WSU Hall of Famer Malia Hosaka.

On December 12, O’Neal defeated Sumie Sakai to continue her winning streak. Later in the night, it was announced that O’Neal would put her winning streak on the line against Jazz at the Third Anniversary Show. O’Neal was successful in defeating Jazz and was subsequently named by Dawn Marie as the number one contender to the WSU World Championship. At the April 2, 2010 episode of WSW 4th Annual J-Cup, O’Neal unsuccessfully challenge reigning champion Mercedes Martinez, thus ending her winning streak.

At the WSU/NWS King & Queen Of The Ring Tournament 2010 pay-per-view, O’Neal competed in King and Queen tournament teaming with Bison Bravado but was eliminated in the first round by Jazz and Balls Mahoney. At the WSU Uncensored Rumble III pay-per-view, O’Neal competed in the No 1# contenders 23 Womaen Uncensored Rumble to determine the new #1 contender for the Women Superstars Uncensored World Championship but failed to win the match after it was won by Jazz. Later that event, O’Neal teamed up with Nikki Roxx in a losing effort to Angel Orsini and Jazz.

Other Promotions (2010-present)
On October 23, 2010, O’Neal made an appearance for Pro Wrestling Superstars, were she made her debut losing to Mickie James in a singles match.[6] O’Neal made her debut for SCWA Wrestling, defeating Persephone with a bridging backsilde.[19] At the PWX An Evil Twist of Fate event on October 5, O’Neal defeated Reby Sky after throwing dust in her face and hitting a sitout facebuster.

Wrestlicious (2009–2010, 2012)
O’Neal also took part in the first season tapings of Wrestlicious, which took place in early 2009, but did not start airing until March 2010. In the promotion, she uses the ring name Charlotte, the Southern Belle. She made her in-ring debut on March 1 in the main event of the first episode of Takedown, teaming with Tyler Texas and Cousin Cassie in a losing effort to the team of Felony, Maria Toro and Bandita after getting hit by a Fisherman’s Buster. On the fifth episode, which aired on March 31, she got her first victory after teaming with Paige Webb against the Naughty Girls (Faith and Hope). On the April 7 edition of Takedown, Charlotte participated in a Hoedown Trowdown battle royal to determine the top two contenders for the Wrestlicious Crown. She uncessfully competed after being eliminated by Brooke Lynn.

O’Neal along with all the other employees of Wrestlicious were released from the company after company stopped production of episodes in November 16, 2010. On May 16, 2012, it was announced that Wrestlicious is returning with its employees back.

Women of Wrestling (2013-Current)
Amber O’Neal sign to WOW in December 2012. she debut WOW! Pandemonium Tour 2013 and she defeated by Jungle Grrl but later this night , she formation team with santana garrett that name is All American Girs. they challenge WOW Tag Team Champions Caged Heat. Amber O’Neal and Santana Garrett win to Caged Heat and They Become a New WOW Tag Team Champions.

Personal life

Outside of wrestling, O’Neal enjoys motocross and motorcycles. Her favorites things are, mixed tag team matches, wrestlers Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Lita and her favorite color is green.

 Championships & Accomplishments

– CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling) Women’s title;
– CWF (Carolina Wrestling Federation) defeating Leilani Kai;
– NACW (North American Championship Wrestling) Women’s Champion;
– WEW (Women’s Extreme Wrestling) Tag Team Champion 1x w/ Krissy Vaine and 1x w/ Lollipop

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