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Slipping … slipping … slipping

The to-do list went out the window today. Of several options, I chose none, and instead took care of urgent, but probably not important stuff. My second job has a new career website set up, which we instructors are expected … Continue reading

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Time to Reassess: Imbolc

I’m building a system to make my life work better. Some folks would say that I am finally growing up, and for once, that concept does not seem like a loss. I don’t think I’ve lost any of my inner child’s creativity, but maybe I have lost some naivete and the kind of innocence that gets a maiden eaten by a wolf, and not in a good way. Continue reading

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Getting the Message and Getting it Out

The Universe has a sense of humor–I’m sure that God(dess) does not play dice, but I’m not so sure about poker. But then again, synchronicity is a comic concept. Yesterday I wrote about “a lick and a promise” being part … Continue reading

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A Lick and a Promise

As I discover and build the system for my life to manage time and my many projects, it occurs to me that I’m approaching where I want to be with “a lick and a promise.” This old-time phrase has several … Continue reading

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Fear of the NEO-Cortex

The robot is afraid of the neocortex, because it makes life-threatening decisions (a.k.a. courage, altruism, selflessness). When we are faced with something that produces stress, whether physical danger or mental stress, the robot brain shuts off the body’s access to the top brain, reserving In moments of physical danger, it’s important for the survival of the body for the basal ganglia to shut down all non-critical processes and divert resources to critical ones—breathing, muscles, senses. Digestion and philosophy can wait for safer times. Continue reading

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More on Systems: Goal, Motivation, Conflict

This chart, and the list of questions that came with my purchase of the book, gave me a system for listening to the character in a way that was most helpful. It gave me a usable system to support my own goal. Continue reading

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Committment and Purpose

These first two weeks of the Ultimate blog challenge have nudged me to do what internet marketers have been saying to do since there was an internet and blogs…write, comment, link. It’s not the little pieces of paper glued into my planner, but my own commitment to write the post, post it, comment on others, and now, to make a list of bloggers I want to stay in touch with, to build a relationship with, because I like what they are doing. Continue reading

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