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Tarot for Character Analysis

Tarot can be used for a number of purposes, but I am finding that it is very helpful for defining a character, especially once the character has a place in the story. A person’s inner conflicts can be defined by … Continue reading

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Rethinking a character

RE: 20 Hours to Atlanta. I admit to being influenced by the various Netflix I watch, and one of my characters was inspired by Kevin Corcoran of Copper, played by Tom Weston-Jones, a pretty man and a heck of a good … Continue reading

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Making a New Book

I’m learning how to outline a book, making all the decisions ahead of time instead of just seeing where the characters go. This is not my usual way of working, but I’m finding that I have a lot more depth … Continue reading

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A Character’s Place

The environment, the time period, the milieu, cultural mores, and the place of a character in society shapes the personality, but then the character is challenged, sometimes to play within the rules, and sometimes to step outside to do the unthinkable. Continue reading

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Sticky Situations

If there’s no dilemma, no soul-search, no “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me,” the scene won’t stick. The reader won’t stick either, because the effort of reading is just too much for no emotional payoff. What does the choice cost the character? Continue reading

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