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Entertaining Thoughts?

Most of us don’t make effort about the thoughts that we allow to wander randomly around our brains. We get riled up about something on Facebook or irritated by a discussion on TV or in the office. Those kinds of thoughts, while they may give us something to chat about, don’t improve our minds or our perspective on life. Continue reading

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Dreamy Afternoon

I keep dozing off at my desk today, waking up with my chin on my chest.  I did not have a big lunch or high carbs–mostly veggies and fruit and walnuts. What’s up with this? Could be spring fever, nice … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole…with Georgia

It’s fun to check the search engine terms on the blog stats to find out how someone found me. I have no idea what they wanted to find, but they typed in “Georgia O’Keefe snakes.” So I did a search … Continue reading

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