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Deconstructing…Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Deconstructing My Personal Myth I am a product of my cultural heritage, as everyone is. I was born in 1951, part of the baby boom that was a reaction to the horrors of two world wars punctuated by the Great … Continue reading

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Dreamy Afternoon

I keep dozing off at my desk today, waking up with my chin on my chest.  I did not have a big lunch or high carbs–mostly veggies and fruit and walnuts. What’s up with this? Could be spring fever, nice … Continue reading

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My 2 Minutes of Instant Fame

Look over on the side bar and you’ll see my little video of reading a story embellished and condensed from a story told to me by Bruce Cannon some years back. Is it True? What is truth? But it does … Continue reading

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My Bucket List

Location Freedom! Thanks, Richard Lee for your thought provoking question. Space…the Final Frontier…I want to live long enough in good enough health and rich enough to go to the moon. It’s not like I haven’t been there, just not in the flesh. … Continue reading

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Who is this Masked Woman?

Generally speaking, that is always the most important question. Who am I behind my masks, and what masks am I wearing?  What are the images I bring with me and why have I collected that particular set of baggage?  This … Continue reading

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