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Book Review: Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzalez

Take a non-stop romp across the mad landscape of the underworld in Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzalez, a fun read for a long afternoon or evening. Find out who wants to be THE BIG BAD, and the answer to the ultimate … Continue reading

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Review: The Persnickety Princess by Falcon Storm

Falcon Storm’s middle grade book, The Persnickety Princess (Tales from Upon A. Time – Book 1) is a fun romp from a rogue storyteller about a girl who nearly misses out on her heart’s desire because she wants to orchestrate … Continue reading

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Review: Stepping into More by Rachel Karu

Rachel Karu’s Stepping into More is an inspiring story, certainly worth’s an afternoon to read, and I’m sure it will tell you much about yourself as you see her life through her eyes. Continue reading

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A List of Questions

I’ve always said that I was not concerned about having a list of the answers, but I would like to see a list of the questions. Today I found it under the Day 5 blogging ideas for UBC: has … Continue reading

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Fulfilling My Purpose in Life

Today I got an affirmation that made clear that I am moving toward fulfilling my purpose of being on the planet despite all my false starts, stumbling around, and generally wondering if what I want wants me. Continue reading

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Book Review: Salty Roses by Pat McDermott

Salty Roses by Pat McDermott weaves together an alternate Earth landscape with modern technology, alien intrigue and a few pirates for good measure, not to mention the ghost. Continue reading

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Thanks, Team Nerd and Bridget Strahin

There is nothing like reading a review that starts out with the word “Fabulous.” I’ll be floating all day. She thinks Maven is funny. Life is good. 😆     😆     😆      😆 Read this wonderful … Continue reading

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