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Why So Many Miller’s Tales?

While I write fairy tales, I find that getting some research background on them makes my story-telling more fun with deeper detail. I hope you enjoyed this Miller’s tale. The mill is a central location for That Darn Maven, working title of the second book of Maven Fairy Godmother. Continue reading

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Belling the Cat

Maven, a fairy godmother, has been transformed into a cat by her boss Fiona as payback for the events near the end of the first book. Maven has to grant three wishes by the next new moon to get her human form back, but as a cat, she can’t speak, she can’t walk upright, and she does not have her wand. Continue reading

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Gibbous Moon – scene excerpt

Maven perched on the rail of the bridge across the dam of the mill pond.  The gibbous moon stared back at her through the stark tree branches, only a day before full. She’d spent two weeks here, and hadn’t found … Continue reading

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Mommy Issues. Daddy Issues.

One thing magic can neither cause nor overcome is true love, whether it be parent and child, lover and lover, or some other variation of friend and friend. How can a child not wonder why the parent is not there, not have some resentment of being betrayed and abandoned, not have some longing for that gap to be filled, preferably not by an evil stepparent? Continue reading

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Dutton on the Wisdom of Psychopaths

The villain is charming, lying only to solve the problem, not so much as a deception as a practical and straight-forward application of ruthlessness.The question then is what happens when the others around the psychopath begin not to respond to her charm? Continue reading

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Writing about Disabled People

A character in my WIP is disabled. As a young child, she lost her arms in an accident. I’m choosing to include her because of a fairy tale called the Handless Maiden. In this case, her accident is not caused … Continue reading

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Sociopathic Abandonment?

Yesterday as I wrote in the voice of one of my characters., I got a sense of what goes through her mind, and why she believes that her advice does not make her culpable for what the advisee does. She may be a sociopath. This is definitely not good for a fairy godmother character, even if she is an antagonistic force. Continue reading

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