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Initiation of Housework

Baba Yaga is an interesting witch. While she is definitely dangerous–her fence is made of human bone and skulls, her kitchen cabinets pegged with fingers and toes–she is also fair and plays by her rules. Without the magic doll and the … Continue reading

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Why So Many Miller’s Tales?

While I write fairy tales, I find that getting some research background on them makes my story-telling more fun with deeper detail. I hope you enjoyed this Miller’s tale. The mill is a central location for That Darn Maven, working title of the second book of Maven Fairy Godmother. Continue reading

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Sweet Heroine

This image captured my imagination today, as it perfectly mirrors the Cinderella image many of us have as our fantasy. What a strong woman Loretta Lynn is, starting off as child bride at 14 to become a musical legend who has continued to create music in her own style for over 50 years. Continue reading

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Writing about Disabled People

A character in my WIP is disabled. As a young child, she lost her arms in an accident. I’m choosing to include her because of a fairy tale called the Handless Maiden. In this case, her accident is not caused … Continue reading

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Why Fractured Fairy Tales?

My favorite was the Fractured Fairy Tales on the Rocky and Bullwinkle back in the early 60s. The stories were very silly, but with a cleverness that cut the sugary fluff that many stories aimed at children seem to be. It was like the grown-ups were slipping us a wink that they knew we children were paying attention. Continue reading

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Where’s my Rumplestiltskin?

I’m reading Step by Step: By Hand and by Foot, a blog by Melissa West that I found while looking for fairy tale research. She is doing a series of prints with hand coloring based on fairy tales, lovely graphic … Continue reading

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