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How to think about what you want so you get it.

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Yeah Right? or YES!

A professor English labored on an on about how a double negative actually made a positive, but then he said, “Of course a double-positive never expresses a negative.” From the back of the classroom came “Yeah. Right.” Are you negating … Continue reading

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Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent

These verbs describe the wheel of action–the Air of Knowledge, the Will of Fire, the Daring of water and the Earth of Silence. Whenever you take a new path, a new course, it works best if you get the knowledge … Continue reading

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Imagine If Ideas Intensify

If ideas become items, then why not imagine  ideal interpretations? Intensify your thoughts. Get an inkling of  the present moment. Illuminate your mind with the image of your surroundings, the buzzing of the fluorescent lights, the texture of your cube … Continue reading

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Eliminate Expectations of Results

Expectations can bite back, especially if you are tied to a specific result or feeling from an experience. Part of being your own fairy godmother is expecting your wishes to come true and living your life as if your wish … Continue reading

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Visualizing Abundance

In a discussion about manifesting abundance yesterday, my friend asked me if I had ever gone shopping and enjoyed thinking about having something without actually worrying about being able to buy it. Yes, I own that sculpture, that sensuous lady’s slipper. It glows in my mind as if it were in a specially lighted nook in my living room. And that is how I learn to manifest abundance. Now I can feel rich to know that image without having to worry about ever breaking it or getting tired of it. Continue reading

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Is Increased Sensitivity a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

If I become more sensitive to the things that do not align with my desired vibration, isn’t that a bad thing? Awareness is focused. The key is awareness and focus. The sensitivity helps to develop awareness, especially if I make the effort to find out to what kind of stimulus I am sensitive. But then I must take action. Continue reading

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Awareness and Sensitivity

As you begin to shift your vibration in the direction of your dreams, you may become very sensitive to any vibration that does not align with what you want. You gain sensitivity when you begin to work from awareness, when … Continue reading

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