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Thank you James Brausch aka Diego Norte

This time last year I decided that I needed to join the intern program that was offered at the time (now closed) by James Brausch. I felt that I was treated like pond scum by the Brausch minions, and I was kicked … Continue reading

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Eva Hiers’ New Book: A Spiritual Awakening

It’s a treat when you get a thank you note from someone you didn’t sell something to. I’ll share the warm fuzzy that I got from Eva Hiers today. Continue reading

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Blue Jay Woman

For Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me a lovely gift, an original piece of art called “Blue Jay Woman.” You can see more of her art at and at I’ve searched for legends of a Blue Jay Woman, as … Continue reading

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A brilliant site…a brilliant strategy: the Toymaker

A friend brought me a fairy godmother wand this morning, made of paper with golden and wooden celtic designs, fuzzy yarn and beads. I love it. She asked me if I had been to , so I went there … Continue reading

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Snow Day – An Unexpected Gift

Usually snow days put me in the dumps. For one thing, I work by the hour, and my college is always closed when it snows–no make-up snowdays for part-timers.   In South Carolina, it doesn’t snow very often, but snow that Yankees … Continue reading

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Simpleology Blogging….Get your piece

I for one would like to make some money with my words, so when I found this link below on MindValley Lab’s Blog, I jumped on it. Maybe you should too. I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the … Continue reading

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Stop Complaining Now! Start Living Well.

Groan. Bitch. Moan. Whine. Sound familiar to you? That’s what I hear at work all day–some of it from my own mouth. Spit. Pfui. Bleechhh. Let me get a drink of water to wash out my mouth! I am so tired … Continue reading

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