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Neural Networks Built by Affirmations

I never really understood the point of repeating affirmations or mantras until yesterday. Chanting puts me to sleep. In a class I am taking, Barbara Waterhouse of Center for Spiritual Living Asheville explained that our negative thoughts build strong neural … Continue reading

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“Trust” is the word for 2012

I’ve been following the writing of Fiona Robyn, and she chooses a word for the year as a base of her spiritual practice.  My word this year is “trust.” I’m trusting  the process. After all, the Universe has been trucking … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa in the Sky as Diamonds

Getting up early in the morning is my way of meeting the inner dark, the creative soil of my soul. I do my meditative writing, and often watch as the sky grows light. Today is the end of the moon … Continue reading

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Daniel Amen-Making a Good Brain Great

Dr. Amen’s Neuro-Link, a supplement of amino acids and vitamins that is supposed to help regulate brain function without side effects. It contains B6, L-tyrosine, GABA, L-glutamine, inositol, taurine and 5-HTP. Years back, I read a similar book that suggested these amino acids and vitamins as a cure for depression, a way to stop taking antidepressants. Continue reading

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Watch it. Listen.  Do it.  While you still can….

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Just an old lump of coal…

As we release these elements of darkness, our light begins to shine through, and we can reflect the light we can now see in others. Even diamonds have imperfections, yet as we work to raise our vibration, our inner light brings out our individuality, our unique tone. Continue reading

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The Next Level- New Job

For the first time in seventeen years, I have a J.O.B. The kind that has insurance and paid vacation and a gym and free chiropractic adjustments, not to mention a discount in the bookstore. I posted a reusme on, … Continue reading

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