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New story excerpt: Lurleen at the Cafe o’Lay

The words weren’t coming out of Lurleen’s pen onto her purple spiral notebook with college ruled pages. She’d come in early on Tuesday, knowing that it would be slow until after seven, and she would have some writing time. Now … Continue reading

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Gibbous Moon – scene excerpt

Maven perched on the rail of the bridge across the dam of the mill pond.  The gibbous moon stared back at her through the stark tree branches, only a day before full. She’d spent two weeks here, and hadn’t found … Continue reading

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Practice Scene

Just a scene I wrote this morning for an exercise using Debra Dixon’s Goal, Motivation and Conflict exercise: “I think we should cancel half the tour stops in these Podunk villages,” Viridian said, wrapping herself in the green dressing gown … Continue reading

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Who is Maven? A bit of a Scene

A pointed end to the worst day of her life. Maven had trundled through every temp agency in the county in search of a paycheck. Even the teenage manager at Burger Haven shrugged and glanced at the semi-retired folks serving up the fat of the land. Nobody wanted a middle-aged ex-teacher when ex-CEOs were available. Continue reading

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Ashleigh moped in her room in the third tallest tower of her sister’s castle. “Unfortunately,” said Maven, appearing with a minimum of flash and sparkle, “it is impossible to grant a wish for the past. You have to decide what you want in the future. Looks like you’re doing all right to me.” Continue reading

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After Midnight – Early Scene

“That’s what happens when you don’t think about one wish, but just wave your wand over everything,” Fiona said, with a smirk. “What are you going to do about it, since you now know how powerful you are, and you’ve … Continue reading

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Jones and Petunias

Jones landed on his belly in a flower bed—petunias from the smell of it—never a good sign. But the Ions were gone, his brain sparkles mere ash which filled his mouth. He made a few tentative moves to see if … Continue reading

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