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Alyson Miers: What is it about Vampires?

What is so special about vampires? It used to be that blood-sucking creatures of the night were vicious, predatory (albeit seductive) objects of fear, nothing more. In recent decades, they’ve become more complex. We used to be afraid of vampires, … Continue reading

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Eagle Hunter Girl

Eagle Hunter Girl From A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page and the BBC This young woman manages a 15-pound (7 kilo) bird with a 8-foot (230 cm)   wingspan that is capable of taking down a wolf or a deer, though the … Continue reading

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“Normalize the Idea of Women Existing”

NPR keeps me in touch with the insanity of the world for my 9 minute commute every day. Yesterday I heard a story about a cartoon for adults, BoJack Horseman, and an issue that the writers and artists struggle with … Continue reading

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Nimoy: the Full Body Project

 Many fans of Leonard Nimoy knew that he was a photographer, but I recently found an article about a shoot that he did with fat women, a show called The Full Body Project. The women, members of the Fat Bottom … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox Haiku

blooming ghosts foretell spring through cold wet dark as life returns from red clay On my way to work every morning, I see these ghostly blooms, volunteer bradford pears and plum tress lighting up the gray woods of the damned daylight saving … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2015 Making it Happen

International Women’s Day 2015 Taking Action – Making it happen. After years of consciousness raising, awareness, and work at self-acceptance, it is time to for the balance to shift. Any person shoud be seen for the talents developed, for the … Continue reading

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What Would Spock Do?

What Would Spock Do? An Iconic Role Model I wish I could write a tribute to Leonard Nimoy, but sadly, I have no personal recollections. I was not fangirl enough to find a way to get to a con where … Continue reading

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