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Rape Culture

Penises don’t rape people. People rape people. Rape is about the physical violation of a person, power over the person. It’s about dominance, punishment,  and humiliation. It’s a very personal one-on-one kind of terrorism, not always but mostly perpetrated (and … Continue reading

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Roller coaster Year

I’ve got the front row seat on my life’s roller coaster. Losing my job last year was like riding a roller coaster, even though some of it was more like hiding under pond scum. Now I’m ready to bask in … Continue reading

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Lessons from Offline

Offline. I didn’t realize how much of my life I live online, as much as I joke about logging into Reality once a day or so, until yesterday when (horror of horrors!!!)  my internet went down…not my router, but ATT’s … Continue reading

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Return to DiLunna by Deborah Cidboy

Deborah Cidboy’s sequel to Tasket: The Passage, teenager Denny and his cross-universe friends have been summoned to DiLunna, a planet in danger of destruction. An evil sorcerer was recently released from a milliennium-old curse. They meet with the Queen and her … Continue reading

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From an Acorn a Big Idea Grows

How can a teacher know what a student does not know ? What can a student be expected to know? Last night I was in a conference with an non-traditional college student, probably about 40 years old or so. The … Continue reading

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In the Still Midwinter: a Christmas Anthology

Five stories of Christmas redemption and revelation–families, strangers, coworkers, and even the dear departed. Queenie’s Christmas– A doll helps a girl and her mom find the spirit of love and giving despite the cold, hard realities of life Cocoa and … Continue reading

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“They don’t stifle enough of them.” –Flannery O’Connor

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