Building good habits for bad times

The reason it’s important to build healthy habits of personal renewal, energy work and even ordinary housekeeping, is so when you are off stride, you don’t have to remember to do them.

I don’ t know what set off this sinus infection and coughing–too much dairy or wheat?  not enough sleep? weather changes? Who knows?  But I do know that the habits of relaxation and breathing have helped me deal with the discomfort of illness, and the mental frustration of  jello-brain-syndrome.  The tasks that I felt “had to be done” were completed, and everything else was ignored.

When a friend asked if I had been practicing some other energy and visualization techniques we have studied, I realized that I had forgotten about them, mainly because they are not part of my habits. I’ve certainly had the time to listen to recordings, even if I drifted off to sleep. I’ve had time to read uplifting messages.  I’ve even had time to bend and stretch a little rather than curling up in the bed the whole time.  But I didn’t do those things because I don’t routinely do them.

There’s always room for improvement, and the way to get there is to build a new habit, like maybe blogging a little more often.

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