Book Review: Salty Roses by Pat McDermott

I’ve just spent a lovely weekend with Princess Talty of Ireland and an entourage of her royal relatives, pirates, and a handful of aliens and robots while reading Salty Roses by Pat McDermott. Salty Roses is a fun read with as many twists as a Celtic knot.

Princess Talty is the kind of girl we all want to be, beautiful, intelligent, capable of ruling a kingdom or running a pirate ship, and married to a man who would die for her. A modern application of the ancient lineage of the Irish, each person having his role to play, makes for a study in honor, strength and love.

The story of the Lady Princess weaves together an alternate Earth landscape with modern technology, alien intrigue and a few pirates for good measure, not to mention the ghost.

Even though this book is the third of a series, and it hints of previous stories, it stands on its own. I definitely want to read the previous stories to find out more about the ensemble cast.

Get this book, find yourself a rainy afternoon, a comfortable window seat, and clear the decks for a good read, a thrilling adventure and a sweet story of the nature of love.

Pat McDermott gave me a copy of Salty Roses to review, and I’m so glad she did.

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