Book Review: Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzalez

Angel Falls by Gonzales

It takes a suburb to keep Heaven safe from Hell.

Take a non-stop romp across the mad landscape of the underworld in Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzalez, a fun read for a long afternoon or evening. Find out who wants to be THE BIG BAD, and the answer to the ultimate question of what any  given person will do for love–a time-honored reason for going to Hell when you don’t have to.

Morningstar Lightbringer is not your grandmother’s Satan. A bit of a slacker, he thinks it’s too much work to torment those who turn up in his realm, even the elder gods whose worshippers have died into mythology ande set up shop in their own eternal themepark suburbs and malls of mythology. Most of the dead are not willing to take up their anima balls and trek across the great unknown desert of the soul to get to Heaven.

Then there’s the Garden of Eatin’ where Mother Eve slings manna pancakes heaped with syrup. Trouble is, someone wants to bring it all to an end, and it’s up to Morningstar to put a stop to it. The more mythology you know, the more you will enjoy this as several pantheons come into play, including the Sumerian god of blacksmiths, Hecate and her cosmic Tarot deck, and the Aztec couple of death.

Can Satan get his balls back  from heiress Aspen Biltmore with Goliath, Even and Lenny tagging along,  and prevent the first brothers, Cain and Abel, from breaking down the pearly gates?

I received an ecopy of this book for an honest review from Novel Publicity Book tours.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonzalez

  1. Great review and an exciting preview! Thank you for joining us on this tour and for cross-posting when you have a moment.

    Em 😀

  2. I enjoyed your description of the characters! You gave a good sneak preview of the story and like how you mention which gods and myths are played on in the story.